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  • Use of alcohol or drugs will not be tolerated at all and no hanging around where there is use. You can be tested any time.

  • Employment required ASAP (Full time, no second shift, you have 30 days to get a job)

  • Rent is $95.00 per week, pay on time, try to get a week ahead is suggested. Getting behind after 30 days is subject to 6:00 pm curfew or possible discharge.

  • Keep personal hygiene and area neat and clean. Beds will be made all the same.

  • No food, drinks or smoking in rooms, halls, bathrooms. (No smoking in the building at all.)

  • Curfews:

    • Sunday & Tuesday (Cleaning meetings) – 10:00 pm

    • Monday, Wednesday & Thursday – 11:00 pm

    • Friday & Saturday – 2:00 am

  • After 11:00 pm all cell phones, lights, stereos & etc. are turned off every night and no phone calls at all.

  • You may apply for one night pass weekly, in writing, to the office by Thursday morning. You must be one week ahead in rent, be here 30 days and be no problem.

  • No foul language and respect others, property and visitors.

  • Chores done daily and help around the house when needed.

  • Any problems see managers. Any changes or letters needed, fill out special request form, all letters must have name and address to where they are going and in the office 3 days before needed.

  • If late for curfew, call the office first thing. Then come to the house first thing the next morning and talk to the director or manager. This includes weekends!

  • Residents on 6:00 pm curfew will report to the dining room by 6:00 pm and check with whoever is taking names. You may be used to help if needed.

  • You are here to change your life and thinking, these rules are here to do that. Follow these rules and you will not have any problems and you might learn something.

  • Do not argue with managers, they are here to do a job. If you have a problem wait and see the director.

  • Do not drink or use and you probably won’t be tested. If you fail a test you may not be here. It is up to the board  and the director. If you owe rent it must be paid before you will be considered if you can return.

  • You must earn any privileges and special favors.

Meetings Are Mandatory

If you miss a meeting, you will make it up at the Support Center. Get a make-up sheet to get signed by a chairperson at the meeting, missing too many and you may be discharged.

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